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Thompsons Hydraulic Wacker Carrier System *Comes Galvanised Only


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Thompsons Hydraulic Compactor (Wacker) Carrier System

The Thompsons Hydraulic Wacker carrier is designed to reduce the risk of serious back injury from the heavy manual lifting of stowing a wacker on a vehicle.

  • Supplied in kit form with all Inner & Outer wacker steelwork, brackets, hydraulic & electrical connections,
  • ALL Parts supplied seperatly and will need to be built up, electrical and hydraulic parts/hoses will need connecting, some steel bracket parts will need to be drilled/welded and come only primed or temporary coloured due to welding or bolting requirements when fitting
* Please note Control box bracket no longer mounted on arm, mount bracket direct to body or on Grab platform.

* If you have not previously fitted the system, we would recommend fitting via one of our factories/service departments, Please contact for quotation.

A risk assessment highlighted that the operator had a high risk of injury from bending underneath a tipping body to stow and unstow the wacker from a stationary carrier. Our solution was to design a lifting device that raised and lowered the wacker from underneath the tipping body and allowed the operator to slide the wacker out of the carrier.

The system also incorporates a number of safety features to aid the driver of the vehicle and the operator of the Hydraulic wacker carrier. A two handed operated control box mounted to the nearside of the chassis to stops an operator standing in front of the lowering wacker. The system also features an in cab warning light and buzzer that are mounted on the dash of the vehicle to warn the driver that the carrier is in an unstowed position and a power supply switch to disable the carrier preventing the system being used by unauthorised personnel when the vehicle is stationary.

If you require further information regarding the Thompsons Wacker Carrier System, you can contact us on 01254 914750.