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Jacking Blocks

ECOSTAK  High performance stackable jacking blocks - designed to easily and safely assist with levelling heavy equipment and vehicles. A much safer alternative to wood, we guarantee long lasting performance with minimal maintenance. ECOSTAK can be safely stacked in seconds, and each lightweight jacking block has integrated handles that make stacking, handling and storing quick and easy! Ideal for a range of applications from emergency cribbing in the event of an accident to providing axle support whilst carrying out routine maintenance on wheel bubs and braking systems.   FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATIONS - Fully customisable, our ECOSTAK jacking block system consists of a base block with insert which is used to level the stack once built, and a choice of either 80mm or 140mm thick stackable jacking blocks. The user-friendly modular designs give you the flexibility to build your stack to varying heights, whilst still being portable and easy to move by one person. MAXIMUM STRENGTH & SUPPORT -ECOSTAK is engineered from High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMW-PE) which makes it resistant to water and chemicals, and it won't splinter or rot like traditional wooden alternatives