Sidewinder Electric/Hydraulic Sheeting System

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Sidewinder Electric/Hydraulic Sheeting System.

Sidewinder is an automatic, electric/hydraulic sheeting system for walking floor and push-out trailers. No more dangerous tight-rope walks down the trailer top rail. From the safety of the ground, the operator covers or uncovers the trailer with the flip of a switch in less than 20 seconds! Features and benefits include:

• Entire lid rotates 270 degrees to rest flush alongside trailer allowing trailer to still drive in and out of tight loading areas.
• Available in right or left side hinge to allow for loading on side opposite hinges and frame. This helps avoid loading-related damage to the system.
• For haulers typically carrying 5-6 loads per day, time and cost savings realized from use of Sidewinder pays for the system in a very, very short time.
• Tremendous safety enhancement!
• Great way to improve driver morale and retention.