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LED 235 Series Dynamic Indicator Strip Lamp (Each) 24V

SKU: 235A24-DI

LED 235 Series Dynamic Indicator Strip Lamp (Each) 24V Coloured Lense

£18.47 £21.73

LED 235 Series Dynamic Indicator Strip Lamp (Each) 24V  Coloured Lense

Dimensions: 237mm x 25mm x 16mm


  • 24V Only
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Super slimline design
  • Highly durable
  • Shock, Water & dust proof
  • Designed to be recess mounted, or surface mounted with bracket
  • Current Draw 28V : 0.23A


235 Dynamic Indicator Datasheet (Interactive) NEW

The introduction of the 235 Series Dynamic Indicator Lamp modernises the range, adding class and style to the functional and durable. This product has been widely requested from our customers and we are proud to provide a product that lives up to expectations.

Designed exclusively by LED Autolamps, the 235 Series have proven extremely popular and are frequently one of our top sellers. As with its counterparts in the series, the Dynamic Indicator Lamp benefits from:

  • A 5 year Extended Warranty
  • IP67 Ingress Protection (Water, Dust & Shock Proofing)
  • Full ECE Approval
  • Recess or Surface Mounting With Bracket
  • Coloured or Clear Lenses

With progressive indicator sequencing, the 235 Series Dynamic Indicator Lamps draw the eye more than a standard indicator, making sure other road users are aware of your signals and thus increasing road safety.

As well as encouraging safety and awareness, the progressive indicator sequencing stylishly emphasise the sleek design of the lamp. As such, we’re expecting these lamps to fly off the shelves.

There are a number of variants available to choose from:

Also available –

  • 235A12-DI – 12V / Coloured Lens
  • 235AC12-DI – 12V / Clear Lens
  • 235AC24-DI – 24V / Clear Lens

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