Hyva Rear Mounted Oil Tank Kit 181ltr

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Hyva Rear Mounted Oil Tank Kit 181ltr

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Hyva Rear Mounted Oil Tank Kit 181ltr, The design of the RM tank is fully adapted to the modern trucks and tractors and the available tank supports, straps and profiles make fitting very easy. Hyva oil tanks are robot welded to secure the quality. Most tanks are equipped with a 10 micron air breather filter integrated in the filler cap and an oil level indicator, The RM-range consists of oil tanks with a volume ranging from 65 to 213 litres with return filter and pt-valve mounted on the side.
Kit Includes:
1 x 14015265 Oil tank rear mounted – 214L/181L-MP
2 x 14020010 Strap40mm
2 x 14020020 Rubber 1440x40mm
2 x 14221530 Mounting profile RM tank
2 x 14221582 Rubber for RM tank mounting profile
4 x 08101078 Vibration damper assembly
1 x 08102116 Filler cap complete with breather

Short Specification:

  • Gross Volume: 214ltr
  • Working Volume: 181 ltr
  • Weight Tank: 49kg
  • Weight Support:8.3kg
  • Suction Connection : 1½ ” BSPIT

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