Thompsons Freestanding Tipper Truck Chassis/Body Props (Single)

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Thompsons Freestanding Tipper Truck Chassis/Body Props (Single)

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Thompsons Freestanding Tipper Truck Chassis/Body Prop

Thompsons free standing tipper body prop suitable for use in a workshop environment or in the field. Designed using high quality materials in response to the Health and Safety Executive’s safe transport ‘best practice’ report “Body props should be provided on tipper vehicles. Using body  props should be part of site rules where their use should be monitored and enforced”.

Comes complete with a report – ‘tested to destruction’

Weighing less than 18kg each, the prop design has been tested and certified, at a Government approved facility, to carry a safe working load of 3000kg.

  • Test Load: 6 Tonnes
  • SWL: 3 Tonnes

Important safety notice
Even though the safe working load of each prop may exceed the weight of a body, it is not sufficient to use only one prop to hold a body up. This method of propping allows side loading of the prop since it is not located centrally under the body. Side loading of a prop can jeopardise the safety of the user. Body props must be used in pairs and only on empty bodies.