The PeoplePanel™ side protection signage (Cyclist & Pedestrian)

SKU: TPP1750/500

The PeoplePanel™ side protection signage (Cyclist & Pedestrian) size 1750mm x 500mm

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The PeoplePanel™ side protection signage (Cyclist & Pedestrian) size 1750mm x 500mm

Text: ‘Cyclist & Predestrians Take Extra Care’

The PeoplePanel™ is extremely durable and provides a non-rigid surface to help deflect vulnerable road users away from a vehicle and help prevent entanglement. While every effort has been made to ensure longevity, by its nature the panel is sacrificial and may become damaged in the event of a collision.

The PeoplePanel™ is constructed from an extra tough plastic shatter resistant composite. It is designed to bend rather than simply cutting into a person unfortunate enough be in harm’s way. They can be supplied in any shape or size, making them the perfect choice for any large vehicle.

The PeoplePanel™ is superior to aluminium or steel side guard panels because:

  • No sharp edges
  • Cut resistant
  • Shatterproof
  • Flexible corners
  • Customisable – you can add logos or advertisements
  • Delivered ready to fit
The standard panel size is 1750mm x 500mm, this is suitable for most construction vehicles. However we can produce PeoplePanels® in any size up to 4000mm long (trailers or rigids). Please contact  with requirements

The cover panels are fitted over existing side guards and still give the vehicle’s operator easy access to all of the vehicle components including batteries and ‘ad-blue’ tanks. Supplied with warning signs in extra durable laminated vinyl for both cyclists and pedestrians on the nearside, and motorcyclists on the offside.