Teal Handeman Xtra Mobile Sink Handwash Unit for Large CV vehicles 24v-Voltage Sensing.Grey


Teal Handeman Xtra Mobile Sink Handwash Unit for motor vehicles 24v-Voltage Sensing.Grey

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Teal Handeman Xtra Mobile Sink Handwash Unit for motor vehicles 24v-Voltage Sensing. Grey

Breaking new ground in cost saving and hand hygiene for the commercial vehicle operator.  Handeman Xtra mobile sinks for motor vehicles are the perfect solution for theses that need a hot water hand wash on the move.

Available in four versions, it simply connects to the vehicle’s electricity supply, ensuring hot water is always to hand. No plumbing is required. All Handeman Xtra models have the unique ‘Waste-safe’ that retains all the dirty water without the need for separate waste pipe or waste water storage container.

Small yet practical
The Handeman Xtra provides a minimum of fifteen 12 second hand washes per filling – enough for hard day’s work – providing hot water with fingertip tap operation. It has a unique jet spray that reaches every part of the hands and washing under running water means there’s no need to dip hands into dirty suds.

Built to last
Robustly constructed in hi-impact polyethylene and designed to stand up to the rough and tumble of on the road use.

Hot water hand washing benefits from an ideal water temperature of 40°C +/-2ºC.

The Handeman is robust enough to fit inside or outside the vehicle. Supplied with a complete fitting kit and full instructions together with the correct fuse and fuse holder. A 4mm (35amp) cable needed to connect directly to the battery terminals.


These units incorporate voltage sensing technology.

This means that the unit will automatically switch on and off when the vehicle itself is turned on and off.

Standard HMX24

  • When the vehicle is turned off the battery state is quiescent at 24V.
  • When switched on, the alternator will raise the battery output to 28V.
  • The software in the Handeman will see this rise and switch the unit on when 26.6 volts is detected. The Handeman will then continue to work until the vehicle is switched off and the unit will see the battery output drop back to 24V and will cut out at 25.5 V.
  • The battery will not be therefore be drained by the Handeman.

Additional Information

Weight3kg (dry), 6.3kg (full)
Depth370mm (bowl open), 220mm (bowl closed)
Capacity3.3 litres (3 litres usable)
Waste Safe Capacity2 litres
Heater180 watt 15amp (HMX12), 240 watt 10 amp (HMX24), 90 watt (HMXLW12).
Power supply12 volt voltage sensing, 24 volt voltage sensing, 12 volt low wattage, 12 volt non voltage sensing
Mounting optionsFlat surface horizontal / vertical, Wall mounted, Vehicle mounted
Washes per fill15 washes
Available to hireNo
Automatic sensorNo