Premium Crane Pad Square 800x800x50mm

SKU: IP-57668

Premium Crane Stabiliser Pads Square 800x800x50mm

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Premium Crane Stabiliser Pads Square 800x800x50mm

Manufactured in Germany from high performance UHMW polyethylene, our premium range of outrigger pads are extremely reliable and offer excellent support…they’re built to last, Resistant to water, oil and chemicals there’s no splintering or corrosiveness. These tough and durable pads can withstand extreme vertical pressure and will adapt to the contours of uneven terrain – but will spring back to its original shape after use! Light and easy to handle, they can be carried, positioned and stored with minimal effort. Our premium pads are available in a range of sizes, both square and circular and come with the option to personalise. Helpful hint: Order larger pads as circulars as they’re easier to roll into position.

Features include:

  • Made from extremely high quality, heavy duty UHMW polyethylene
  • Offers protection against water, corrosion and splintering
  • Light and easy to handle as well
  • Retains its shape under extreme vertical pressure, due to the in-built memory technology making them virtually indestructible
  • Load Capacity: 40T
  • Weight: 31.5kg