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Novacomet Gas Regulator BP1813

SKU: BP1813

Novacomet Gas Regulator BP1813


Novacomet Low Pressure Gas Regulator BP1813

  • The BP1813 pressure is adjustable on full rotation of the handweel which is indexed for better control.
  • Mainly used for LPG, can also be used for NG, nitrogen and air.
  • These products with variable pressure are used in applications up to 4 kg/h (190 kBTU/hr) maximum.
  • They are intended to be mainly used as single or second stage regulator.
  • 1-15 bar
  • 50-150 mbar
  • EN13785

Body and cover:

  • Die cast zinc alloy
  • Diaphragm: NBR or reinforced NBR (NBR-R)
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Valve pad: NBR synthetic rubber
  • Minimum working temperature: -4°F / -20°C
  • Maximum working temperature: +120°F / +50°C