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Ecco LED Minibar 8 Head /Two Bolt /12-24V Amber (ECE R65 Approved)

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Ecco LED Minibar 8 Head /Two Bolt /12-24V Amber (ECE R65 Approved)

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Ecco LED Minibar 8 Head /Two Bolt /12-24V Amber (ECE R65 Approved)
The 5565 Series LED minibars provide a compact yet powerful warning solution that offers ECE R65 approved warning capability and the flexibility of either permanent or vacuum-magnet mounting. Featuring 12-24 VDC operation, the 5565 uses high intensity LEDs and reflective technology to maximise light output. Users can select from 17 flash patterns, either via trigger wire on permanent mount models or cigarette plug switch on magnetic models.

  • Voltage: 12-24V
  • Colour: Amber
  • Amps 3.5
  • Length 0.4m / 15″
  • Approval ece R65
  • Lens Type Polycarbonate
  • Fitting 2 Bolt
  • Eight LED reflector modules, each comprising three LEDs provide high intensity light output
  • Choice of 17 flash patterns
  • Cigarette plug with on/off and flash pattern selection switch (vacuum-magnet only)
  • Polycarbonate base & low profile lens
  • CE, ECE R10, ECE R65
  • Temperature Range: -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C)

What is ECE R65?

 The regulation ECE R65 (R65) is a United Nations standard for beacons, light bars and other vehicle warning lamps.

The regulation is designed to ensure that certain key standards governing light output, colour, light dispersion and flash frequency are adhered to. Heat resistance, water ingress and cold start are also measured.

Chapter 8

Traffic Signs Manual ‘Chapter 8’ are a series of traffic safety measures for vehicles on road works and temporary situations. They include recommendations for vehicle warning, including beacons, when a vehicle is stopped on the highway for works purposes or inspections, as well as entering, leaving or moving within a works site and when travelling in traffic at less than general traffic speed.

Recommendations include vehicles should be equipped with either a roof-mounted flashing amber warning light bar (comprising at least two independent light sources) or two independent roof-mounted flashing amber warning beacons, visible through 360°.All work vehicles in Europe must be fitted with R65 approved products, and while in the UK this is not yet mandatory Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual recommends the use of R65 approved products. Many UK fleet operators and insurance companies have adopted the guidelines set out in this manual as a matter of best practise.

Light Output and Intensity

R65 products are tested under stringent laboratory conditions, and once approved are is­sued with a certificate. The ‘E’ mark must also be clearly displayed on the product. Every beacon, Light Bar or directional lamp is tested for light intensity and light dispersion to meet set conditions for Class I or Class II (night and day intensity levels) for its colour range and category. Work vehicle operators using R65 approved equipment can be confident they meet the necessary standards in all markets and countries which have adopted ECE Regulation 65.