Cyclist Warning Rubber Mudflap 24×18″ Each

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Cyclist Warning Rubber Mudflap 24×18″ Each


Cyclist Warning Rubber Mudflap 24″x18″ Each

Good quality rubber mudflap with a cyclist warning sign graphic printed onto it, Designed to withstand cracking, fraying, abrasion, disintegration from water absorption, contamination from exhaust fumes, oil and road dirt over a wide range of ambient temperatures, at the same time they are sufficiently rigid to do a good job of controlling road dirt and spray thrown up by the road wheels. Moulded from reinforced rubber with square tops,

Alerting cyclists to the dangers of undertaking vehicles. Cyclist who undertake lorries frequently put themselves in danger if they do not realise the vehicle it about to turn left, This is an effective, easy to fit and cheap method of raising awareness.

See Transport for London Cyclist and HGV report below,